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Did you know that the top result on Google receives 36.4% of the traffic! whereas number 10, thats the bottom of page 1 only receives 2.2% of visitors! lets say that 100 people search for you each month and you are in position 10, you will only receive 2 visits per month!

Adding your website to Google is a simple task in itself, in fact it will take you less than 1 minuite to do this, once you are on Google the hard part is coming up somewhere that people will actually find you, after all what good is it if you appear on page 30 of Google!.

How Do You Increase Your Ranking on Google

Our website contains FREE information on how you can get on Google and make your way up the search engine to the top! It's no secret and we have no problem telling you how you can do it all by yourself at no cost, all you need is time, of couse if you do not have hours to spare each week to increase your rank and would rather pay experts like us to do it instead, then all you need to do is fill out the form on the right for a FREE evaluation and quotation of your website and keywords.

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8 Reasons Your Competition Is Ranking Higher Than You?

We can help with all of these!:

  • Quality of links
  • Quality of content
  • Social media
  • Number of links
  • Article distribution
  • Website structure
  • Website coding
  • Optimised website